Monday, March 15, 2010

More Antics....

I have spent another week visiting antic dealers in London; I really want the restaurant not to look as if everything had been bought brand new yesterday.It is important that the furniture looks like the building: old but very well looked after.
I have found some really fascinating stuff: Silver forks for Sardines only; serving trays in silver exclusively for white asparagus (!); gold platted carving knives...
The highlight of my finding was a set of beautiful Escoffier dish (for main course garnish)- they were more than 80 years old but looked perfect to me. I bought the whole set.
I have also managed to convince one the antic dealer to show me his collection of German coffee cups- I have already bought the tea cups but he was really reluctant to show me the coffee cups that matched the tea cups. Wednesday morning after 11am only- this German guy can read me like a book- Grrrrrrr....

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Back from the East

A week since being back but I just start to feel normal again.

After a few days, I felt unwell- then I felt really bad- fever and all... A bad flu!

Back to normal now and ready to get on with what's ahead! One minor bad news when I came back: Apparently my Drinking Licence application was not properly put together by my solicitor; Westminster returned it- we had to redo it; 2 weeks delay. Rather than moving in to start work on 20th March; it will have to be early April- My solicitor didn't do his job properly- I make sure to bring this issue when he shows me his bill!

The leak at the restaurant did not seem to have been fully repaired, so I am chasing the agent for repair.

I have found some amazing plates at Islington Antic market; the perfect plate for our Louis XV pudding. I also discovered the most gorgeous 1940's coffee cups- I bought them all.



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