Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pad Thai & Macaroons

What a contrast this day has been.

I first had to pick up a very original art deco mirror for our private dining room- got stuck in traffic jam at Angel and lost 1 hour of my precious time!

Had to rush back to Romilly street to meet our fire system prevention rep. Westminster is very strict those days and I was requested to install an extremely sophisticated fire Alarm system- our building was build in 1721, so I guess that they are quite cautious.

My phone couldn't stop ringing meanwhile- small equipment to reorder- wine glasses to decide on supplier- outside sign.... I think I need help.

Clive, very courageously, came to start putting together my very cheap office suit from Ikea.

Now I know why it is so cheap- the time you spent putting it together would cost an absolute fortune if it was paid by the hour- even more if you were in France! Clive cost me a lunch at this new Thai restaurant called Rosa-Soho. My vegetarian Pad Thai was delicious and Clive's Pad sewu (excuse my thai) was great too. £13 for 2 including soft drinks- cheaper than Pret.

Went to John Lewis to check out some fabrics- came back to the restaurant and spent a long time on the phone with Carlos & Gerard. One on the Isle of Wight, the other one in Chayapun (north east Thailand)= Thanks Skype for making those 2 calls the same price £0.

Carlos is in great form those days- the presence of his girlfriend must have an impact on his mood.

Gerard is slowly baking in Thailand- the heat is unbearable and the red shirt demonstration had to make him cancel his trip to Bangkok. Pity. I told him, he should have stay here with me! Miss you Gerard.

Went back home, read a weird story to Arthur about taste bud and told him to fall asleep fast- otherwise he couldn't wake up in the morning.

Tonight is macaroon night from Laduree cookbook.

David told me that the recipe really work- without cooking the sugar!!!! I had to try.

Photo attached- my macaroons looked like deflated Pillsbury dough boy-don't try at home.

Good night.


  1. Left a phone message asking for a resevration.
    Sent an e-mail doing same.
    No response to either, yet.

    Will you be open for lunch on Sunday May 9th?

    Would like to make a reservation for 4 people at 11:30 and experience your culinary skills at the new location:)

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