Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bangkok Market- Short story

I have had a busy summer. One I will remember for the rest of my life and for many reasons.

One of the reason is my special trip to Bangkok open air food market. The really special market where Bangkok top chefs visit every night. Tee took me there for the second time
and I was as impressed as the first time; to be fair I could have been going thru the garbages of Phonm Phen, I would have found everything marvelous - (as long as I was next to Tee)
After a second thought, I can say that the garbages of Phnom phen are probably cleaner than Bangkok's most sought after chef's market.

Chef Tee

Market entrance

But hey! I am here to discover great ingredients and get a lot of inspiration.
The smell was absolutely umberaeable the moment I entered the market.
A snif cocktail of durian mix with sewage water.

As Tee said: you'll get used to it. And I did.
Everything was marvelous: meat coated in flies;
rats and cats going across the alleys.
Bodies sleeping on top of white river of rice bags. Pig heads hanging from coat hangers and
still dreeping of semi coagulated blood. Frogs swiming in their intestine and blood juice
and still looking like they are breathing!
Very weird for me but it seems to really excite Tee's senses and I bet he was finding those frogs absolutely delicious.
Brilliant! Circus, zoo, jungle- you call it what you want; here they call it FOOD MARKET!

Rusty Scallops!

Yet I managed to delect myself with the sweetest rambutan I ever had the chance to taste.
I bought the freshest prawn and the greenest Thai broccoli on earth.
Thailand is blessed when it comes to fruits & vegetables and this market is just amazing for that.
Rows after rows of perfectly formed Thai asparagus and other long stems.
You just can't resist that- and the good thing with this market is that,
despite the perfectly formed Thai products there is not a single fat-old pervert German in sight.

Green Thai Delights

Piggy Bag

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