Monday, September 18, 2017

Born Again

20th June 2017

Shock horror. I am living the last few days of a life which has come to the sad conclusion that it needs dramatic changes.
A kind of mild mid-life crisis: A crisis without the tattoos; the piercing; the Harley-Davidson; A new lover; crazy sex chem; hair transplant or hours at the gym.
I have my age symptoms- I suffer from the single most common question everyone spent its entire life wondering: Why am I here for?
Philosophy, religious studies or just not giving a damn about it have not helped me giving an ounce of answer to this fundamental question.
I have come to the conclusion that there is probably nothing worth living for, if it is just to wait for a normal death at the probable age of 83 (average frenchman)
I have done what I was supposed to do: given life (my kids) and love (as many people as possible hopefully) all good to go then? Not really. I need to repair something:
I have massively impacted the earth with my job as a chef and my relation with the other living creatures which I have ordered their deaths; which I have cooked their meat and which I am still selling their dead flesh for profit.
I am becoming Vegan.

Not for me but for them, the other living creatures I share the earth with.
I shall say that I have read Emeric Caron's Antispeciste book and it has had a major impact on me. Such an impact that I have promised myself to never ever again feed myself with anything which has lived and died. Life is too short for that.

24th June 2017

Today is my 44th birthday. I am giving birth to a new me.
1st morning:
I haven't eaten anything for more than 12 hours and have organised a home blood test with ....
I just want to check what my blood looks like on day 1 and compare it with a check in 3 month time.
I repeat, this is not a health decision BUT in case someone need different motives to give up eating dead animals, perhaps an healthier blood results might kind of convince them to start doing it.

Day one of my new diet:
Breakfast of 2 toasts without butter (bit strange) and some jam. Haven't had toast without butter for ever; seems like something is clearly missing. Never mind.
Tomato salad with toasted bread.
A full bowl of very cold caponata (which I made 3 days before) delicious, except for the celery which is undercooked and contrasts too much with the mushy aubergine.
A flat peach for dessert plus 3 biscuits (I have checked. No butter)
More tomatoes (I have prepared them in the morning- plenty of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and in the fridge). They have released their water and it has nicely mixed with the olive oil and vinegar. Dipping thick bread in this tomato juice is better than a lot of things I have recently eaten
I serve myself a small glass of Tavel rose and I don't even feel guilty about it. Vegan wine of course.
One more peach for pudding.

Boring. I need to do something about it.

1st July 2017

My blood result is back.
My LDL (Bad) Cholesterol is raised above the limit.
Cholesterol overall is also high- it has always been for the past 10 years actually. It has never gone down despite me trying to be as careful as possible.
My ALT is above normal; apparently my fatty liver is still there.
I am told to continue the quality of my diet and to exercise 3 times a week.
Exactly what I have been doing for years without any clear improvement in my blood result- especially my cholesterol one.
Lets see in 3 months if not eating dead animals and dairy has an impact.

24th July 2017

Despite my new diet, I do not feel any crave to go back to meat, fish or diary at all. The fact that I have just spent 2 weeks away in South of France might have helped.
Taboulé, wild rocket, grilled aubergines, fresh melon: a few of the starters I have had indulged on.
I spent a few mornings at Vintimille amazing' fruits and vegetables market. This would turn any reticent meat eater into a, at least, vegetarian. Serious. I have found the antidote to carnivorism.

1st August 2017

I crave chickpea cooked with a madras spicy mix. 
I am falling in love with Indian food and my taste bud have never been so open up. 
I don't miss meat or fish. Not even milk. 
Turning vegan is much easier than having to stop drinking wine .
I have also lost 5kg without having felt hungry. Strange. 

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  1. No updates since June? I am dying to know your cholesterol levels have improved! #plantbased


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