Sunday, February 21, 2010

Delicious Dim Sum en famille

I have just returned from an amazing Dim Sum. We went to Crystal Jade, a good looking restaurant in Siam Paragon. The place was full- filled with rich Chinese Thai- having lunch en famille.

Dragon Castle is my favourite Chinese restaurant in London; their Dim Sum is exceptional but the one I've just had today was much better. Didn't think it could have been possible.

Everything I had was perfect; the thing that really marked me was the quality of the dough; rice flour dough is not exactly easy to master- it usually turn out too tough (dry-not enough water/ or too wet and you can't control you dough); the one used today had the most exquisite balance: Soft without being chewy; light- meaning that it must have been a nightmare to prepare!

First came the Chinese puff pastry-piping hot with a meat and honey filling-perfect, light, a little sticky with some roasted sesame seeds over it. Arthur couldn't stop eating them! Then pork rib boiled, served with a homemade chilly dressing and thick soya sauce. Didn't look appetizing but I think that it is the all idea- slightly peasant food with the right kick from chilly.

Followed: A Chinese gyosa- ravioli lightly pan-fried- filled with roughly chopped green chards with shallots & a little mince pork= Divine. I remember 15 years ago, at Alain Ducasse restaurant in Monaco, we used to pan fried cepe mushroom ravioli- today's interpretation of Gyosa Chinese style was a masterpiece of taste and texture. There was a slight resistance in your mouth from the pan fried ravioli skin; then came the softness of the chard- the crunchiness of shallots.... Just perfect combination and much better than Ducasse's one.

A plate of roasted duck- soft meat- yet juicy- skin was masterfully done. I have seen Chinese chef preparing the duck skin. They make a hole in the duck neck and blow very strongly with their mouth; the skin comes out of its layer. They quickly deep fry it. The skin is crispy and very, very thin! I recommend the opening of Eat, drink, man, women to understand it....

The rest of the meal was also very good- especially the scallops & spinach dumplings.

I just wish I could cook Chinese food like that.


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