Friday, February 19, 2010

Thai Odyssey, delicious Green Curry and other Thai delicacies...

It was nice to be able to chill out by the pool with the children today; Arthur still refuses to go underwater but his swimming technique is coming along nicely. The weather was quite hot today and the sun was pretty strong. I have been rubbing myself with some 50+ sun protection cream but I managed to get slightly sunburned on my right shoulder-grrrrrr...

I received a phone call today about a flooding in the ground floor dining room of Lindsay House. A flooding between exchange and completion is not exactly ideal. I knew that there was some sort of issue regarding the flat roof in the back of the restaurant. I suspected that water could infiltrate via the air conditioning unit. The landlord confirmed that the leak had been repaired; clearly not. Not sure who will have to pay to fix this. Obviously, I am not going to abort the deal due to the flood; and I have no right to do so. It is just a bit annoying. Let's get it fixed and let's move on.

I had two very good meals today. Both time at the same restaurant= Oakleaf- Naratiwas 24

My crab fired rice for lunch was perfect; juicy, not sticky and with plenty of lime juice over it. I could have eaten a tonne of it-it was as light as a cloud....

Then for dinner I had some steamed meat parcels- soft pork meat with coriander, red chilli, and nuts... served with a soya sauce dressing. The parcel had been done on the day; they were soooo light. I followed with snow fish & spring onion- crunchy onion mixed with the fatty fish flesh- there was a broth served with it- probably rice vinegar + fish sauce + leek+ sugar + soya sauce (again) and fish head consommé. That was very powerful in taste but quite refined texture wise. My main course of Chicken green curry was divine; the green curry sauce was clearly made out of fresh coconut milk- that is the big difference I think with Green curry you can find in London. I did not feel any heaviness in the dish- green curry can be overwhelmingly rich; this one was like a light velouté- the meat was moist and the baby Thai aubergines were not at all bitter. Now I understand this dish a bit better. I have a long way before I understand the entire Thai Food repertoire- I have the rest of my life- no rush; my children who are half Thai have, hopefully, thru their mother a predisposition to understand and enjoy the cuisine of Thailand.

With my silly French roots, I must break a lot of preconception. I wish I had been exposed to other food earlier in my life.

I also, took the children to see Avatar at the IMAX. Another powerful dish was served to my eyes!

Good Night.

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