Monday, May 31, 2010

A really crazy week end

Yesterday was Mother's Day in France.

That mean a crazy Sunday at the restaurant.

Voyageur Nissart is very well know amongst Nicois & Sunday lunch is often packed with families enjoying the restaurant' simple cooking.

Yesterday was really different- It was mother's day.

There are 2 things that you do on mother's day. First you buy flowers, then you bring your mother and family to your favourite place to eat.

The rush arrived around 12.30, when the mass was said and aperitifs had been finished.

They all wanted to eat at the same time- mega rush in kitchen and dining room.

It was hell: orders after orders- nobody wanted to wait- extra Panisses here; more polenta for this table; who took the pudding order for table 14?; did we charge the extra bottle of Badoit on 16?

When 4pm arrived, the restaurant looked like a mess and everyone had left towards the Promenade des Anglais for some fresh sea breeze.
The restaurant had to be reset; the kitchen had to start another daube and some more lemon tarts.
Last night was also crazy- restaurant filled twice between 7pm and 10.30pm
When I called at midnight, Daniel was exhausted but felt like his mission was accomplished.

42 available seats- over 130 covers during the day. Not your typical Sunday!

Tables in please- the day is over!

Well done to everyone at Voyageur Nissart.

Meanwhile in London, I was enjoying reading our upcoming review in Time Out when I saw, by accident, a tweet from Harden's guide questioning the integrity of Giles Coren review of our restaurant in Saturday Times.
I just couldn't believe my eyes. Harden's got something- but I don't know what it is?????
I thought very hard but I don't remember turning down any of the Harden brothers advances? ...or maybe I did- but that would mean that they were just really ugly and not sexy.

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