Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wind & Waves

I spoke to Maxime in Nice yesterday and It appeared that after the chaos of our restaurant in Bangkok we have a new thing to worry about. The weather has been atrocious in Nice for the last few days. Rain, rain, rain & a lot of wind! The beaches are devastated; it was almost like a tornado storming the beaches from Menton to Cannes.

We are getting into the busiest months of the year. The Cannes film festival is starting in 6 days time and that is followed by the Monaco Grand Prix. I am slightly worry that with such a bad weather, visitors are not going to spend much time in the area. I am also worry that our usual Italian clients are going to give a miss to their usual trip to the Riviera!

It seems as nothing is certain those days; we are going thru a very weird patch. Uncertain times ahead everywhere- and the weather is not helping.

The good news is that we are spending the day cooking- youpi!!!!!
I can't wait to touch the vegetables!
I can't wait to prepare the asparagus, mousserons, girolles....
I can't wait to taste my consomme, infusions, marinade...
I can't wait to try my new toys: blender, bath, pacojet.....

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  1. So sorry about the rain/additional problesm in Bangkok.

    On a cheerier offsetting note which maybe helps balance some of that:

    Sorry I wasn't in town early enough to try you. Thought you'd love reading this review from another blogger, though!
    In 2011, will definitely come by for lunch:)