Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back after easter week end

Wow, it has been quite a week end! My sister, her husband and her 2 children came to visit us. It was quite weird for me to tell her that my partnership with Roussillon had ended. My sister found it quite hard to believe; after 12 years... It is a bit of a waste.
I told her that usually chefs stay 3 to 4 years in a restaurant and then move on.
I have spent the day trying to install my HP printer- without success. I also tried to design a mini-bar for our tasting room; It reminded me that a few years ago I designed a bar for Roussillon- we ordered it but was never delivered!
The carpet has been laid down in our offices and I have started to put my wonderful Ikea offices.
I have divided the offices in 2= 1 creative office where we will, hopefully develop ideas, recipes, products.... for Lindsay House, Voyageur Nissart & La Table de Tee.
The other office is the account- they should never be mixed together.
I'll take some pictures tomorrow.
Barcelona- Arsenal tonight! I need to go.


  1. Only just seen the news! Will have to come and see you and Roberto at Lindsay House (@beecee)


  2. I'll be booking a table for lunch for four on May 9th! Can't wait - so pleased:)
    Am going to the website now!