Saturday, April 17, 2010

First trial---exciting

On wednesday we all went to Highgate cemetery to organise a pop up dining room for Courvoisier. The house we were cooking in was overlooking the cemetery and was surrounded by gigantic trees- there was quite a lot of mediteranen pine trees wich really surprised me.

The kitchen was super designed and was a real pleasure to work in.

Courvoisier was organising a special tasting menu with a food & Cognac pairing of dishes I created for Courvoisier.

The organisation was very slick; there was a bar in the kitchen where a very clever Canadian girl was mixing cocktails- the Saint Tropez cooler is exceptionnal= Ginger beer + Lime + Cognac

The meal went very well- if slightly under pressured in order to make sure that every single plate would be identical.

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