Sunday, April 18, 2010

Menu dilemna

I have started to finalise what the menu is going to look like- I don't want big menus that open in 2 with 4 pages to read and millions of things to decide from.
Soho is no Pimlico and I must reflect what Soho is all about in my menu.
It should be straight forward, relax and to the point- without the fuss.
Price wise, It should reflect my feeling toward gastronomic restaurant:
I just detest restaurant where I feel I am being overcharged. I think that having a Tasting menu for £75 or up is just daylight robbery! All our suppliers will be helping us to succeed when we start- we must pass the savings to our customers.

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  1. Interesting dilemna. I am quite happy to pay well for a meal where I think I have received excellent value.

    To me, that means excellent quality of ingredients, pretty presentation, flavors of all dishes are good and cooked properly.

    Service is attentive, both pleasant and efficent.

    Atmosphere is quiet enough to hear my companions talk at dinner - and tables are spaced far enough apart that my neigbors aren't hearing ours!

    Table settings are pretty. A bud vase with fresh roses or tulip or lilly, always lovely.

    There are amuse and mignardises to augment a 3 course lunch menu.
    Because really, who needs 5 courses??? Or more?

    Fat Duck is fun, but I wouldn't want to do it more than once a year.

    The Square has a fabulous tasting menu, but the facts are that I end up with 4 favorite courses anyway, so the other 5 weren't really necessary except to find out what I liked best!

    So... what would I find a fair price for everything I've described above? I'd say 60 - 65 pounds before drinks, tax and tip. (equivalent to $100 dollars per person)